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EzyProcure to EzyPayment helps both buyers and suppliers to maximise profitability, productivity and cashflow.

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The Electronic Procure to Payment System

EzyProcure to payment is the essential E-procurement platform that simplifies the purchasing process for buyers and suppliers.

Providing a common secured cloud platform, the software offers upfront to backend control, MIS reporting, corporate governance and more.

Maximise your business’s profitability and productivity.

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EzyProcure has digitally disrupted the way businesses transact and I cannot be more amazed by how this system has evolved the way we operate as a business, to achieve maximum levels of efficiency & productivity.

Executive Chef

EzyProcure has assist my company in achieve high productivity by reducing human error during their ordering, goods receiving and central kitchen ordering process. The support given was above my expectation and will definitely recommend this must-have solution to any business owners

Director HJH

We use EzyProcure for our 12 outlets daily operations and it has enable us to achieve purchasing control hence reduces pilferages greatly !, We are now able to access critical business data such as purchasing , Food cost , price trend at real time. This has enable us to increase our profitability

Creameries Manager

EzyProcure implementation has help our company with multiple outlet to streamline the entire work processes from ordering to invoicing electronically on the mobile devices and web applications. The application function is very easy to use as our staff adapt to using the friendly interface quite fast.The productivity experience is about 55% as the system can generate order with automatic PO issued accurately. There is no manual data entry of order or order by phone which causes a lot of mistake and dispute. All transactions such as PO, Goods Receive, E-invoice are accurately captured and posted into our accounting solution.

The soup spoon Director

EzyProcure technology is a system that will enable a seamless electronic execution of supplies delivery, order, goods receipt, E invoice generation, OCR matching which save up to 70 percent of our time

Createries Director

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