SME Go Digital

help both buyers and suppliers to increase their profitability, productivity and cashflow

Supported Equipment

2.10.9 EZYPROCURE Version 2.0

EzyProcure, an E-procurement solution, is the enabler for companies to automate their current manual ordering and supply processes, which will significantly improve the organization’s productivity by eliminating and streamlining the time consuming manual supply chain processes.

Applicable Industries: IT, Landscape, Maritime, Media, Retail, Services, Others, Food Services, Food Manufacturing, Precision Engineering, Cleantech, Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering Services, Biomedical Sciences, Other Manufacturing, Marine & Offshore, Attractions, Cruise, Hotels, Integrated Resorts, MICE, Travel Agents, Builders (Contractors), Non-Builders, Logistics

Support Level: Level 70% for SMEs

Mode of Payment: Direct Purchase

Processing Agency: Enterprise Singapore

Additional Criteria: ≥30% ordinary shares (ultimate individual ownership) held directly/indirectly by Singaporean/PR